2016 Legislative Session Wrap Up

Majority of the Wyoming State Legislature
2016 Legislative Session Wrap Up


In addition to the Week 4 wrap up on the legislative session, I wanted to provide you with some resources on the 2016 Budget Session that may be of use in the future. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Budget Session Resources

  • 63rd Legislative Budget Session Wrap-Up Powerpoint: The digital version is available here
  • You can find all the press releases and op-eds from this session online here
  • 2016 Budget Session Budget/Fiscal Summary is available here
  • 2016 K-12 School Finance/Capital Construction Fiscal Summary is available here
  • Wyoming State Legislature - Legislative Process Summary

WEEK OF FEBRUARY 29 (dated, March 4, 2016)

This week wraps up the 2016 budget session. Lawmakers worked diligently to close the gap between expenditures and a decreased revenue stream from the fall in energy prices and produce a balanced budget.

The following summary highlights a few of the major issues of the week.
WY Legislature delivers balanced, conservative budget
Read full press release here.
Budget makes people a priority - With falling state revenues and an economic forecast that looks increasingly cloudy, Wyoming State Legislators have been forced to make some tough decisions in recent weeks.
Read Senator Ross and Representative Horseman’s full op-ed
Governor Signs Asset Forfeiture Bill into law- Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed legislation into law today that aims to safeguard citizens against unnecessary asset seizures while ensuring law enforcement officers have the tools and resources they need to pursue criminal cases and keep Wyoming citizens safe.
Read the full press release here
WY Senate Signs Off on Bill to Ensure Stable Source of Funding for Community Colleges - Aiming to ensure continued educational opportunities for all Wyoming citizens at the state’s community colleges, the Wyoming Senate approved legislation today to provide a stable source of funding for Wyoming's community colleges based on realistic enrollment levels.
Read the full press release here
Hulett Students Champion Bill Designating Big Sagebrush as State Shrub - Students from Hulett School in Crook County can claim passing legislation among their many accomplishments this school year. 
Read the full press release here

KEY HOUSE BILLS/SENATE FILES THAT MOVED FORWARD House Bill 0028 - Cease and transfer program local government funding - A bill that provides grants and loans for projects under the Municipal Solid Waste Facilities Cease and Transfer program
House Bill 0052 - School facilities appropriations - 3 - A bill that provides appropriates for 2017-2018 school facilities projects
House Bill 0063 - Health Care Facility Receivership Act - A bill that provides a process for receiverships on certain health care facilities
House Bill 0076 - Designated caregiver - An act that creates the Wyoming Caregiver Act and requires hospitals to provide a patient with the opportunity to appoint a designated caregiver
House Bill 0080 - Community college budget request recalibration - An act that creates a stable funding stream for Wyoming community colleges
House Bill 0087 - School finance-nonresident attendance - A bill that allows schools to receive revenue for attendance for nonresident students
Senate File 0004 - Military service member protections - An act that amends the Military Service Relief Act to include member of the uniformed services of any state who work in Wyoming
Senate File 0011 - Youth challenge program - A bill that appropriates funds and extends the sunset date for the Youth Challenge Program
Senate File 0019 - Public fund investing - A bill that authorizes local governments to invest public funds in specified investments
Senate File 0090 - Lifetime game and fish licenses - purple heart - A bill that allows for free lifetime bird, small game and fish licenses to purple heart recipients
HB 0006 - Return of victim’s property held as evidence - Failed S 3rd reading
HB 0017 - Collection of antlers and horns - Failed S COW
HB 0105 - ABLE Act - Failed S COW
SF 0102 - Federal funds distribution - Failed H COW
Find the full bill tracking for the session on LSO’s website
Gov. Mead makes many line-item vetoes to general budget bill
Associated Press
Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead said Thursday he strongly considered vetoing the entire $3-billion general state budget because lawmakers had rejected his proposal to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid.
Legislature asking state agency heads to consider future cuts 
Casper Star Tribune
The two-year state spending bill before Gov. Matt Mead includes a provision asking agency heads to find more reductions in their departments — a sign lawmakers expect the downturn will linger.
Gov. Matt Mead signs civil asset forfeiture into law
Associated Press
Wyoming Governor Matt Mead on Monday signed into law a bill requiring judicial review of police seizures of vehicles, cash and other property that law enforcement authorities believe to be involved in the illegal drug trade.
Bill creates Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force
Press Release
The Wyoming Legislature passed Senate File 8, the Bicycle and Pedestrian System Task Force bill, last week with convincing margins in both the Senate and House.

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