Wyoming GOP to select Secretary of State Candidates

And now there are eight. Press Release from Kristi Wallin, Executive Director, WY GOP.

With the resignation of Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray, the Wyoming GOP is required by law to select THREE candidates for Secretary of State within 15 days. The next scheduled meeting of the State Central Committee is February 24 at Little America in Cheyenne, WY. During that meeting, the State Central Committee members will vote for three people out of a pool of applicants to send to Governor Matt Mead, who will then appoint the next Secretary of State.

The Sheridan County GOP will share the applicant's information as we receive it. 

As of February 22nd, we have information from the following applicants:  Cynthia Cloud, Darrin Smith, Max Maxfield, Ed Buchanan, Richard George, Robert Elwell, Pete Illoway, and Nina Webber.

Letter Announcing SOS Vacancy

Ed Buchanan: Letter  Biography

Cynthia Cloud:  Letter  Biography

Robert Elwell:  Letter & Bio

Richard George:  Letter

Pete Illoway:  Letter   Biography

Max Maxfield:  Letter & Bio

Darrin Smith:  Letter  Biography

Nina Webber:  Letter  Resume

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