Weekly Roundup - February 8, 2016


Majority of the Wyoming State Legislature

(This document is the work of Representative Rosie Berger along with Kristin Walker)

The first week of the 2016 Legislative session moved quickly as everyone settled in and got to work in this 20-day budget session. With more than 170 bills to consider in the House and 108 in the Senate, this session is bound to be a busy one.  And that doesn’t include the main bill of this session - the budget bill. The following summary highlights a few of the major issues of the week.


63rd Wyoming Legislature Budget Session Kicks Off in Cheyenne– “The Budget Session of the 63rd Wyoming Legislature opens today with both challenges and opportunities. Challenges in addressing our budget shortfall, and the inevitable tough decisions that come with it. Opportunities to take a hard look at our spending and set our state on a course that safeguards against future economic downturns.
Click here for the full statement the Majority Party.
Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Regarding Clean Power Plan - “The EPA’s Clean Power Plan has had a bullseye on Wyoming since day one. This gross overreach of the federal government has the potential to devastate Wyoming families, communities and local economies. We are pleased the Supreme Court has taken this decisive action to halt President Obama’s hasty, short-sighted efforts with regards to coal-fired power plants.”
Click here for the full statement from the Majority Party.
Upcoming week and session schedule

  • The budget bill has passed out of JAC and will be introduced on Monday, February 15
  • Thursday, February 18 - last day for bills to be reported out of Committee in House of Origin
  • Friday, February 19 - last day for Committee of the Whole in House of Origin
  • This 20-day budget session moves quickly, but we act with thoughtfulness and an eye on the future in all the decisions we’ve been entrusted to make 


  • There are 5 major sections of the budget: Schools, Local Governments, Capitol Renovation, ALM and the General budget
  • This budget is all about people.
    • It’s about the people we have made commitments to support - our students, our workforce, our cities and counties, our industries
    • It’s about the people who foot the bill. The taxpayers who expect us to be judicious with their dollars and not saddle future generations with an insurmountable debt. We are not going to kick the can down the road for future generations to have to deal with.
  • We are going to make the tough decisions. Right here. Right now.

Medicaid Expansion

  • There was no Medicaid Expansion bill brought up this session as a standalone bill
  • A Medicaid Expansion bill could still be brought forward as a budget amendment

Senate File 0007 Landfill remediation priority list A bill authorizing expenditure of previously appropriated funds; establishing a prioritized list of projects and authorizing the department of environmental quality limited discretionary authority to modify the prioritized list; providing a definition
Senate File 0008 Bicycle and pedestrian system task force A bill that creates a task force to study the benefits and opportunities of bicycle and pedestrian pathways and natural surface trails in the state
Senate File 0011 Youth challenge program A bill that extends the sunset date for the Wyoming national guard youth challenge program
Senate File 0014 Student data privacy and transparency A bill that prohibits school districts from accessing students' digital information accounts and amending requirements of state data security plan to ensure privacy of student data collected
Senate File 0042 Occupational Therapy Practice Act  A bill that amends the Occupational Therapy Practice Act
Senate File 0028 Carbon capture, storage and sequestration permit A bills that specifies criteria for the conversion of an enhanced oil and gas recovery carbon dioxide injection permit to a geologic sequestration permit
Senate File 0048 Criminal justice - reform A bill that reforms the way first-time felony offenses are handled by the court system
House Bill 0013 Public records - student communications A bill that amends the law to specify student electronic communications are not public records
House Bill 0014 Asset forfeiture A bill that amends the procedures and requirements for seizing and forfeiting property
House Bill 0041 Omnibus water bill - construction A bill that authorizes construction of designated water projects
House Bill 0073 Suspension or dismissal of teachers for felony prosecution A bill that allows schools to suspend or dismiss teachers who have a felony conviction, even if the sentence is deferred
HB 0003 - Marihuana possession
HB 0004 - Minimum wage
HB 0005 - Prohibited question on job application
HB 0007 - Medical marihuana reciprocity
HB 0012 - Mountain lion trapping
HB 0015 - Education - school safety and security
HB 0025 - County resolution - feeding wildlife
HB 0033 - Insurance - audited annual financial reports
HB 0034 - Insurance - corporate governance annual disclosure
HB 0037 - Controlled substances
HB 0044 - E911 task force
HB 0061 - Small business innovation research - matching funds
HB 0065 - Fiscal information in legislation
HB 0072 - Student assessments - optional participation
HB 0078 - Involuntary commitment - detention options
HB 0083 - Property tax catastrophic event
HB 0090 - School finance - transportation
HB 0091 - School finance - average daily membership
HB 0092 - School finance - regional cost adjustment
HB 0093 - Housing authority
HB 0098 – Government Nondiscrimination Act
HB 0099 - Article V convention limitations
HB 0100 – Felony unlawful possession of controlled substances
HB 0102 – Big game animals-harassment and disturbance
HB 0103 - Recording legislative and other meetings
HB 0106 - State lands-camping
HB 0109- Sentencing enhancement-bias motivated crimes
HB 0110 - Cannabidiol medication
HB 0111 – Wage transparency
HB 0112 - Resident hunting and fishing-vehicle registration
HB 0115 – Death penalty repeal
HB 0116 - Health care access improvement grants
HB 0122 - Electioneering-amendments
HJ 0001 - Labeling for genetically engineered items
SF 0005 - Pesticide education funding
SF 0022 - Hunting penalties
SF 0027 - Appraiser’s lien
SF 0066 - Preliminary hearings - circuit court
SF 0077 - Rural development council
SJ 0002 - School capital construction - constitutional amendment
SF 0035 -   Failed 3rd reading
Mead calls for Medicaid expansion in Wyoming
Associated Press
The latest on Gov. Matt Mead's state of the state address to the Wyoming Legislature.
How to see the Legislature in action
Wyoming Tribune Eagle
If you’ve attended a session of the Wyoming Legislature before, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble navigating its new temporary home.
Privacy, data bills clear Wyoming Senate introduction
Wyoming Tribune Eagle
A group of bills relating to citizens’ privacy survived their introductory votes in the Wyoming Senate on Monday.
Wyoming House defeats pot edibles, school security bills 
Wyoming Tribune Eagle
Bills designed to boost school security practices and better define the state’s edible marijuana laws were among the proposals that met an early end on the first day of Wyoming’s legislative session.
Bill to bar Wyoming wardens from wolf, grizzly cases fail
Associated Press
A Wyoming legislative committee has killed a bill that would have barred state game wardens from investigating or prosecuting people for killing wolves and grizzly bears as long as the animals remain federally protected.

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